Marigona Inc. companies range from the food industry, construction, interior design, ceramics, and indoor furnishing; hospitality, fitness & spa, F&B; retail, professional services, maintenance, tourism, and transportation, industry, and education.

Industry: Retail, Food Industry, Alimentary Industry, Confectionery Industry

Client portfolio: Retail and wholesale businesses, households, individuals

Vitaminka Trade

Vitaminka Trade is a family business established in 1973, specializing in the distribution of food products throughout the territory of Kosovo. Over its decades-long existence, Vitaminka Trade has curated the broadest range of tastes in Kosovo, becoming an integral part of the lives of multiple generations filled with memories and precious moments.

Benefiting from years of experience, a professional team, and an extensive logistics fleet, Vitaminka Trade supplies 98% of all grocery and retail sales points in the country, spanning both modern and traditional trade. The company’s commitment to high-frequency contacts with sales points is rooted in its dedication to efficiently track workflow, ensuring that every order reaches the customer within the day.

Through its vast experience and unwavering adherence to standards, conditions, and requirements, Vitaminka Trade has evolved into one of the most powerful companies in the country, establishing itself as a trademark for the distribution of high-quality food products.

Today, Vitaminka Trade proudly represents a wide array of famous and established brands. The company’s development strategy is centered on fast and efficient distribution, offering quality products at reasonable prices, fostering strategic partnerships with customers, and leveraging market knowledge.

In a significant milestone for the company, Vitaminka Trade Kosovo and Vitaminka Prilep opened a new production plant and food-processing factory in 2020. Named Vitafood, the new plant features the main brand “2U,” offering a range of healthy products across three production lines. Vitaminka Trade continues to invest in expanding capacities and production lines to meet the growing demands of its customers.

Industry: Interior Design Industry, Ceramics, Indoor Bathroom Furnishing

Client portfolio: Hotels, hospitals, architecture and construction businesses, households, other businesses.


Established in 1994 with the primary objective of providing bathroom repair products, Kerasan underwent a transformative journey, marking a new chapter in its history in 1999, immediately after the war in Kosovo. Its significant development took flight in 2005 when it elevated its product category, becoming a distributor of high-standard products from world-renowned brands.

Initially, Kerasan sourced products from various Turkish brands such as Canakcilar, Akplast, Kutahya, and ECA. However, driven by the ambition to offer exceptional products, Kerasan expanded its capacities with the construction of a new facility and forged partnerships with globally acclaimed brands in the field. These include Hansgrohe, Duravit, Porcelanosa Grupo, Emil Ceramica, Vitra, Huppe, Haro, Schell, TECE, Ostendorf, and more, maintaining an exclusive showroom for showcasing its offerings.

Aligned with the increasing quality standards in construction in Kosovo, Kerasan has positioned itself as the go-to supplier for well-known producers, ensuring that every 4-5 star hotel, private hospital, significant construction investment, and private institution becomes a trusted Kerasan client. Renowned architects explore the modern showrooms of Kerasan where extravagant products are presented.

With a team of 22 dedicated employees, Kerasan extends its services to customers throughout Kosovo and provides technical support to neighboring countries such as Montenegro, Macedonia, and Albania for brands like Hansgrohe, Duravit, TE-CE, and Schell. In some cases, Kerasan is also the authorized distributor for countries like Bulgaria, parts of Serbia, parts of Bosnia, and parts of Croatia.

Kerasan is on a mission to supply homes and businesses across the entire country with a diverse range of bathroom products known for their high quality and impeccable design. For over 30 years, Kerasan has been a leader, setting a new benchmark in quality, design, and innovation in bathroom furnishings.

Solos Studio

Established in 2016, Solos Studio stands out as the first showroom in Kosovo specializing in modern Scandinavian furniture. It presents a distinctive style tailored for each home or contract project, encapsulating the spirit of Northern European design and maintaining a commitment to high quality.

Strategically situated, the showroom boasts an expansive exhibition space of 1500 m2, providing clients with the opportunity to complete their homes and projects with various accessories, adding a touch of style.

Solos Studio’s showrooms showcase an array of international brands in lighting and furniture, including Eichholtz, Theca, Bonaldo, Zuiver, Dutchbone, White Label Living, Richmond Interiors, Dee Ekhoorn, Vibia, Metsan, Foscarini, Fabbian, Profim, Officina Concept, Maro, Antares. These renowned brands offer lifestyle products, presenting a diversity of shapes and colors that mirror various cultural facets. Each brand has a unique story, unveiling the concepts, designs, and emotional attachments they create.

Four Points by Sheraton

Four Points by Sheraton Prishtina City proudly stands as the first Marriott International Hotel in Kosovo, nestled within Marigona Residence. Whether you have friends or business partners visiting Kosovo, Four Points by Sheraton Prishtina City awaits you with excellent service, amazing food, and an overall unique experience. The hotel boasts 87 distinctive rooms and two meeting spaces: Gegë Meeting Room and Toska Ballroom.

A highlight of this remarkable hotel is Sospiro Restaurant, the first exclusive Italian Fine Dining restaurant in Kosovo. For those seeking active relaxation or recreation, Una & Spa, Fitness Center offers an excellent opportunity equipped with the most modern facilities and advanced equipment.

Sarajeva Steak House

Sarajeva Steak House stands as one of the oldest and most renowned meat restaurants in Kosovo. The decision to develop the franchise brand of Sarajeva Steak House and its products has proven successful, as the Steak House currently operates in eleven strategic locations, projecting a considerable annual turnover of ten million EUR in 2024.

Renowned for its innovative menu, Sarajeva Steak House uses only the freshest and finest ingredients. The comprehensive menu features a variety of beef, chicken, and lamb dishes, catering to all palates with a diverse range of traditional and contemporary cuisine. Each dish is crafted with a genuine passion for creating authentic and mouth-watering food.

The kitchen staff at Sarajeva Steak House ranks among the finest, bringing with them experiences from top-notch restaurants in Kosovo and abroad.

Sospiro Restaurant

Sospiro Restaurant stands as Kosovo’s premier destination for exclusive Italian fine dining, nestled within the elegant confines of Four Points by Sheraton Prishtina City. Deriving its name from the Italian term for ‘sigh,’ Sospiro embodies the essence of culinary excellence, where each dish is a testament to the purity of ingredients, the allure of rich aromas, and the promise of a dining experience that leaves patrons in a state of contented bliss.

At Sospiro, every meal is an intimate affair, meticulously curated to ensure that guests receive nothing short of impeccable service, exquisite flavors, and an ambiance that resonates with sophistication and allure.

Sospiro is more than just a dining venue; it’s a sanctuary where the art of fine dining is celebrated with fervor and finesse. It is here, amidst the serene sophistication, that guests find themselves enveloped in an exclusive world, where every detail is a tribute to the harmonious balance of taste, exclusivity, and unparalleled elegance.

Una Spa & Fitness Center: Elevating Wellness to an Art Form

Nestled within the heart of Four Points by Sheraton Prishtina City, Una Spa & Fitness Center stands as a true gem, offering a sanctuary where relaxation and rejuvenation are masterfully elevated to an art form. Every facet of this center is meticulously designed to pamper and please, providing guests with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the tranquil embrace of the indoor pool or bask in the soothing warmth of steam rooms and saunas. The center’s jacuzzi and cold bath offer a delightful contrast, promising a sensory journey that revitalizes both mind and body.

For those with a penchant for invigorating fitness routines, the center boasts the city’s most sophisticated gym, equipped with cutting-edge Technogym equipment. Every workout becomes an experience in excellence and effectiveness.

At Una Spa & Fitness Center, the pursuit of wellness transcends the ordinary, offering a holistic haven within the prestigious Four Points by Sheraton Prishtina City. Here, every element converges to create an ambiance of harmony and health.

Looking ahead, Una Spa & Fitness Center is set to expand its presence with two additional locations. The second location will be at Marigona Tower, home to “Courtyard by Marriott,” while the third location will find its place in Marigona Hill, adjacent to “Marriott Bonvoy.” These upcoming ventures promise to extend the Una Spa & Fitness Center experience to even more clients.

Çarshia: A Vibrant Hub Within Marigona Residence

As an integral part of Marigona Residence’s facilities, Çarshia, one of its business subsidiaries, extends a range of services through its dynamic shopping center. Tailored to meet the everyday needs of residents, Çarshia goes beyond commerce, fostering socialization through its cafes and restaurants, a dedicated children’s play corner, a fitness center, and a comprehensive family medicine center equipped with essential services like pediatricians, dentists, gynecologists, and more.

The architecture and design of Çarshia have been meticulously crafted to create an inviting space suitable for hosting various events, including video presentations, movies, parties, and more. In its Fashion District, Çarshia proudly showcases the creations of the most renowned Kosovar fashion designers, establishing itself as a landmark frequented by numerous visitors eager to witness the latest fashion trends.

Industry: Construction; Real Estate; Hospitality; Retail;

Client portfolio: Individuals, families, partner companies, other retail businesses.

MR Mirëmbajtja: Elevating Maintenance Standards at Marigona Residence

MR Mirëmbajtja specializes in providing high-quality maintenance services for the common spaces of Marigona Residence, ensuring the upkeep of infrastructure and security. The entire perimeter of the neighborhood is illuminated, and security cameras are strategically placed for comprehensive surveillance.

Services provided by MR Mirëmbajtja encompass the maintenance of water supply reservoirs, waste collection, sewage management, pest control and disinfection, winter road maintenance, electricity supply, and various other essential services for the residents of the neighborhood.

With a commitment to excellence, MR Mirëmbajtja plays a crucial role in creating a secure and well-maintained environment for the residents of Marigona Residence, contributing to the overall quality of life in this modern and organized community.

Air Marigona: Elevating Travel Experience Within Çarshia Shopping Center

Established in 2015 as an additional subsidiary of Marigona Residence within the Çarshia shopping center, Air Marigona was conceived with the purpose of providing aero transportation-related customer services. Primarily catering to Marigona’s residents and various partners, Air Marigona was created to centralize all tourism, travel, and customer service arrangements. This strategic decision aimed to streamline operations, enhance service quality, and facilitate efficient management of diverse events and travel activities.

Operating as a dedicated tourist agency, Air Marigona focuses primarily on offering special flight fares and tour packages to numerous destinations around the world. Leveraging various communication channels, particularly through social media, Air Marigona effortlessly showcases its special offers in an accessible format, ensuring close proximity to its clients and providing service around the clock.

038 Parking Center

As of November 2022, 038 Parking Center has emerged as the newest modern destination in Prishtina City Center, providing 705 underground parking spots and a 500m2 commercial area. This transformation has seamlessly integrated with the city, making it an ideal addition to the urban landscape.

This innovative project involves the natural conversion of existing land into an underground parking zone, accompanied by green landscaping and recreational spaces, thus repurposing the area into a vibrant public space.

038 Parking Center intuitively connects with its surrounding environment and effectively addresses the longstanding issue of inadequate parking spaces in Prishtina City Center.

Industry: Real Estate; Asset Management

Client portfolio: Businesses.

Marigona Asset Management

Marigona Asset Management (MAM) is the dedicated entity entrusted with overseeing and managing the commercial areas within Marigona Hill. Specializing in facilitating vibrant and essential services for the Marigona Hill community, MAM acts as the point of contact for clients seeking commercial spaces for various activities, including restaurants, cafeterias, clothing stores, grocery stores, and more. With a focus on enhancing the daily life experience of Marigona Hill residents, MAM ensures seamless operations, tenant satisfaction, and a thriving commercial environment within this dynamic neighbourhood.

Industry: Higher Education, Professional Trainings, Testing Center Students, International Organizations, Enterprises

Client portfolio: Students, International Organizations and Enterprises

RIINVEST College: Nurturing Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Employability

RIINVEST College envisions cultivating creativity and entrepreneurship, ensuring the high employability of its graduates within the realm of higher education. The institution aims to become a benchmark university in the region, offering studies of high international standards in Albanian and English, particularly in Economics, Business, ICT, and governance.

Presently, RIINVEST conducts its teaching activities on a campus occupying approximately 2500 m2 in downtown Prishtina, the capital of Kosovo. This campus adheres to modern standards for teaching facilities, administration, student activities, and library services. RIINVEST College currently has 887 students and, with the existing capacities, aims to increase the number of enrolled students to 1,000. The college’s goal is to position youth in the entrepreneurship and technology space, transforming itself into a place that provides security for parents and career orientation for youth seeking a modern and practical education.

Through international programs, RIINVEST aspires to establish leadership in tertiary education within the region, aiming to be recognized as the college offering the highest quality and internationally acclaimed degrees. In the next three years, RIINVEST College plans to relocate its operations to the new ultra-modern Marigona Tower in the city center.

Established and accredited in June 2007, RIINVEST College follows the traditions of RIINVEST Institute and its mission to promote modern economic development in Kosovo, emphasizing a philosophy of entrepreneurship. With over a decade of robust research outputs and human resources, RIINVEST Institute laid a solid foundation for the launch of a university college that adds value to higher education in Kosovo, especially in business, entrepreneurship, management, finance, and ICT education.

Since 2018, RIINVEST College has been recognized as a center for University of London programs. Kosovo students can now earn a University of London qualification with academic direction from LSE in Economics and Politics, Management and Digital Innovation, and Data Science and Business Analytics.

As part of its corporate social responsibility, in 2018, RIINVEST launched a free tuition campaign, providing an opportunity for all students to pursue decent studies without the burden of paying for their first academic year.