Marigona Inc: Dedicated Support for Impactful Initiatives

At Marigona Inc, we take pride in our commitment to supporting meaningful causes and initiatives. Our sponsorship is exclusively directed towards events that resonate with our values and contribute to positive change. Explore our recent engagements:

Shliroj Cicat

In a powerful mission to support those affected by breast cancer, Marigona Inc and Marigona Hill proudly took the spotlight as the golden sponsor in the third edition of this impactful festival. Beyond a mere event, it’s a symbol of solidarity and empowerment.

Prishtina Music Conference

The Prishtina Music Conference (PMC) is a two-day event that takes place in Prishtina, Kosovo. PMC is an educational platform that provides networking, promotional, and inspirational opportunities for artists through performances, panel discussions, presentations, exhibitions, workshops, and masterclasses. Marigona Hill was a proud sponsor of the 2nd edition.

Ping Pong Business Tournament - PPBT

The Priping Ping Pong Club, in collaboration with the company 11 Points, organized a ping pong tournament for registered businesses in Kosovo. The Ping Pong Business Tournament was the first table tennis tournament specifically designed for businesses. Marigona Hill was one of the participants and supporters of this activity.

NEXTWAVE Dev Conference

The NEXTWAVE Dev Conference, held on January 23 in Prishtina, was not just an event but a transformative journey into the heart of technological innovation. This event served as a key point for those aiming to stand out in the world of software development. Some of the topics covered included Generative AI, Hardware and Automation, No-Code Platforms, Scaling Architecture, Shit Code, DevOps, Branding as Engineers, and more. Marigona Hill was one of the main sponsors, recognized as a golden sponsor.

Since the basketball season 2011/2012 (now 11 years) Kerasan is the general sponsor of the youth club of Prishtina. KB Kerasan Prishtina, which for 2 years now is known as KB Marigona Hill Prishtina, operates in the city of Prishtina, where all young people in in the age 7-18 can join. The club every year has 120-150 children, and 5-6 coaches.

Since then the club is present in all the competitions organized by BFK, and in this 10-year period, basketball club Marigona Hill thanks to the great support of Kerasan and Marigona Hill, has managed to become the richest club according to trophies in the history of basketball in Kosovo. KB Marigona Hill for over 10 years has won 37 champion titles / cups winners in the categories U12, U14, U16, U18. During these 10 years, more than 15 players from the club have managed to go to Europe, USA, to continue their career as a basketball players and to be educated abroad.

Also KB Marigona Hill continues to be a support point fot BFK for the new generations, where a significant number of players of the club are standard part of the National temas of the new categories U20 U18 U16 of Kosovo, and so far  3 players Dardan Kapiti, Dion Sheqiri and Denis Zenelaj have reached the Kosovo A National Team in the FIBA competitions.

By engaging in the business on a daily basis, Kerasan management also feels responsible for the society in which they live and operate. Therefore, Kerasan is committed to many Corporate Social Responsibility projects, in particular is worth mentioning its commitment to the Basketball Federation of Kosovo. Kerasan CEO Mr. Valton Bilalli is a member of the Executive Committee and the owner of the Basketball Club “Kerasan Prishtina” whereby the develop- ment and assistance of basketball players is aimed at youth under 18. Since 2012, Kerasan Prishtina has engaged over 200 youth every year, categorized in 4 levels where they participate and compete in the Kosovo leagues for chil- dren and youth. Kerasan Prishtina is known as the club with the most trophies in

Kosovo with over 20 trophies in 6 years. Just like in business, in this field as well, Kerasan serves as an example for many other companies but also for society in general and Kerasan is delight- ed to be able to support the youth of Kosovo. As part of this endeavor, youth have been send to school and play basketball with various scholarships in Germany, Netherlands, the US, and Italy.


Kosovo Trail Running Association is an independent non-profit association with the purpose of promoting and ultra-trail-running; marking the pathways of mountain climbing and organizing national competitions.

As an important association in promoting sport, cultural and healthy activities, it is supported constantly by Riinvest College and Vitaminka Trade throughout their events and long running trails.


Stobi Flips as a leading brand of Vitaminka Trade has become a general sponsor of National Basketball Team of Kosova (U18), as it was part of Division C of European Championship that was held in Prishtina from 22nd until 29th of July, 2018. In the final match, Kosovo defeated Cyprus to become champions of the division, thus securing the ticket to Division B from 2019.

Since becoming a member of FIBA, Kosovo has won the silver medal in Division C with U16 in 2015 and bronze medal in 2016 with U18 winning the bronze medal, while this one is the first golden medal in history of Kosovo for basketball. This way, Stobi Flips will continue its support for younger ages of basketball and help them get the most of their talent and represent the country in the best way.

Golden Sponsor of Prishtina Film Festival

Marigona Hill was one of the main sponsors of  the 13th edition of Prishtina Film Festival. PriFest is a feature film festival, which is the most important film event that is held in Kosovo.

The festival consists of four competition programs: the Balkan film competition program (also known as Honey and Blood Cinema), the Global film competition program, European Comedy competition program, the Middle-length competition program (comprised of 25-60 min length films), Short film competition. program, the Documentary film program.